From birth to speech


The first year is a clean slate for baby’s very first sensations.

The infant progresses from touch to sight, becomes aware of his parents’ smiles and love, slowly opens up to the world through movement, colour and sound.

For Beaupré, clothes are part of baby’s development; their touch and softness will be part of his tactile universe. Our watchword is modernity with softness, natural simplicity and elegance.


Beaupré has designed a range of simple and comfortable garments in natural and high-class fabrics; baby camel and silk, cashmere or top-quality wool or cotton. The yarns and fabrics come from the best mills in Italy, France, Switzerland and Scotland. The lace is French. The garments are produced in Europe, by the finest specialists in each country; France, Italy, Portugal. The design is French.


At Beaupré, a baby’s garment is not just for a fleeting moment; it will keep its beauty until it fades into a marvellous memory.